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Joe Rashid

Joe Rashid

In the early 1980’s, shortly after Fr. Jim Scheick became pastor, my wife Pat and I began attending Mass at St. Edith and joined the parish.   Pat was active in Christian Service and I became a Lector and Eucharistic Minister.   We lived in Livonia at this time.  In 1989, we moved to Northville.  We had met so many wonderful people that we decided to remain with the parish family at St. Edith.  In 2003, I retired and Pat was afraid I would hang around and interfere with her routine.   I started going to Daily Mass.   Barbara Lapenta, the Sacristan at the time, asked me to assist her with some things.  In 2006, when Barbara became ill and unable to continue, Fr. Mike Kazer asked me if I would take over the Sacristan duties and Fr. Jim McNulty hasn’t kicked me out yet.   I will always be grateful for my association with Fr. Jerry Flanigan, his father and mine served in the prosecutor’s office together and I went to school with his nieces and nephews.  He led me to a deeper understanding of service to others.  With the pastoral leadership of Fr. Jim McNulty and its members, I believe the Worship Commission helps me to do that.

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All Are Welcome!
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