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Presentation by Fr. Enno

Fr. Enno, a priest from St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat and Conference Center, gave a presentation a few weeks ago at St. Edith's Thursday bible study class.  Fr. Enno is originally from the Philippines and has a doctorate in World Religion from Notre Dame. 

His presentation was titled “A Catholic reading of the Bible” and showed the Theoretical history of how the Church reads and interprets the Bible and how the Bible is used as the foundation for our theology as well as our spiritually. The second part of Fr. Enno's presentation relates to the first discussion with more detail of how during certain periods in time, certain books were moved to new locations to better put them in a better perspective and to make it easier follow.  He mentions that some books were removed by Protestant sects.  He mentioned that some people take a specific reading out of context which can change the overall meaning of what was meant to be conveyed.   

Toward the end of the presentation, Fr. Enno had the participants break into groups to dissect a few readings and see how the meaning can change when read out of context, and how we can see several messages contained within one select reading.

Fr. Enno's full presentation is available as a series of short YouTube videos (linked below).

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