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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the primary consultative body to the Pastor in planning and overall decision-making in all areas of parish life.  As the primary visioning body of the parish, the Pastoral Council assists the pastor in:

  • Soliciting the wisdom of the St. Edith Parish Community on pastoral matters.
  • Forming a consensus about pastoral planning, which addresses the needs of the Parish.
  • Communicating the pastoral vision to the Parish as a whole.
  • Involving the parish commissions in implementing the vision.


Parish Pastoral Council membership is through a process of election/selection. Qualities of membership include:

  • Be an active, practicing Catholic and parish member.
  • Have an ability to contribute to the big picture pastoral planning of the parish.
  • Able to work in groups.
  • Be prayerful with an awareness of God being active in your life.
  • Be a good listener and capable of relating to people from varied backgrounds.

Parish staff members may not be members of the Council but may serve as a resource. The size of the Parish Pastoral Council should be between 6 to 12 members.


Chairperson.  The Chair is to provide a time for prayer and sets the agenda in consultation with the Pastor. They preside at all Parish Pastoral Council meetings, monitor the timeframe for each agenda item, encourage all council members to participate actively and express ideas freely, and encourage and support communications between the Parish Pastoral Council and the Commissions and Committees.

Vice Chairperson.  The Vice Chairperson is to perform the duties of the Chairperson in their absence and serves as an aide to the Chairperson in conducting the Council’s work. The Vice Chair will succeed to the office of Chairperson if the Chairperson is unable to continue for the duration of the term.

Secrretary.  The Secretary is to provide meeting minutes, maintain a roster of the membership and records of attendance, and notify the chairperson of those members with chronic absenteeism (missing three regular meetings in the 12-month period).

Commission & Group Representatives.  The Commission/Group Representatives serves as a liaison between the Parish Pastoral Council and the respective Commission or Group. The Representatives have no set term. The Council currently has 7 members at large, who are generally appointed for a 3 year term. If someone is unable or unwilling to complete their term, an alternate is appointed to complete their term.

Work of the Parish Pastoral Council

The role of the total membership of the Parish Pastoral Council is to establish Operating Procedures and write a mission statement which is a vision for the parish. It is what we are striving to accomplish on behalf of Jesus Christ. The Council also establishes Parish Goals, which flow from the mission statement and describe what the parish would like to accomplish over the next 3 to 5 years. Objectives are established that define how we reach our goals. Objectives are developed with input from each Commission.  The implementation of programs and activities are carried out within each commission.  

Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Fireside Room.

Parish Pastoral Council

  • Joe Bertrand – Senior Representative
  • Fred Billotto – Evangelization Representative

  • Renee Billotto – Young Adult Representative

  • Roberta Clemak – Education Representative

  • Marlene Dahlin – Christian Service Representative

  • Jane DeRoo – Worship Commission Representative

  • John Morand – Secretary

  • Kevin Prost – Chairperson

  • Al Rivard – Co-Chair

  • Sandy Rogala – Evangelization CommissionRepresentative

  • Ron Rowe – Parish Finance Council Representative

  • Suzy Spencer – Vicariate Representative

  • Megan Szczypka - Member at Large

  • Geoffrey Turbiak - Member at Large

  • Katie Van Koughnet - Member at Large

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