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Green Jesus

The Green Jesus Project

What is the Green Jesus Project?

The project is an interactive activity for students that takes place during the catechism scheduled year. Each student receives a 3 inch figure of Jesus Christ. Their assignment is to take pictures of the Jesus figure during the course of their day. They can also use their imagination in placing the figure in scenes not normally expected, such as in a cheerleader or football huddle or waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. These pictures should be submitted via email to to be posted on this page! This page is dedicated to all students who study and act by the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Check out our Green Jesus submissions so far!

What is the reason for having the students do the Green Jesus Project?

The project reminds students that Jesus is in their lives every minute of the day, no matter how good or bad things are. It gives them a chance to combine faith with technology and their imagination.

Why is it called the Green Jesus Project?

Two reasons:

1. Green is the only choice of color for the plastic for the 3D printer the figures were made on.

2. The gentleman who made the figures of Jesus is Jeff Green, a church leader at St. Anastasia's in Troy, MI.

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